about us

Andover's Local Music Store

Steve and Dianna Shook opened Music Scene in August of 2011. Since then, our facility has grown to include 8 music lesson studios with 18 teachers, a full-service repair shop, and a 1700 square foot retail space in an adjoining suite! Don't worry though. No matter how much Music Scene grows and changes, we'll never be "too big for our britches." Steve and Dianna both believe that a music store should have a fun and relaxing feel to it, and have designed Music Scene in this manner. Everyone is welcome here, and we know most of our customers by their first names. We aim to keep it that way.

The Little Guys

Our mission is to serve the needs of Andover and the surrounding communities in Butler county as well as Wichita. These families mean everything to us, and we're committed to bringing them the best experience we can provide at a convenient price. Need some guitar strings? We've got 'em. Need a Trombone? We've got those too. Need jazz lessons? Heck, that's our specialty.

Part of Your Community

We are excited to be active participants in our community. We support the Andover Chamber of Commerce, both school districts in Andover, and those of the surrounding areas. Every tax dollar spent in our store goes right back to Butler county. Thanks to all the families who shop with us, our own schools and neighborhoods enjoy the benefits!

Thank You!

Thanks for stopping by our website giving us the chance to show you how we aim to please. Come out to our store and see for yourself! We're looking forward to meeting you.
--Steve and Dianna Shook, and the whole Music Scene Team