Our Studio


Instrumental and vocal music lessons are the primary component of a Music Scene Membership, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Membership includes a 30 minute private music lesson each week, and a whole lot more: Free summer workshops, group class discounts, store discounts, 6 student showcases per year, and VIP status at all of our events, including open mic nights! If you're interested in signing up for music lessons, or in any other program we offer, just fill out this form, call, or stop by the store, and we'll help you get started right away! Click here for more information about Music Scene membership.

Meet The Music Lesson Instructors at Music Scene:

Alex McMahon – Trombone/Low Brass

Alexis Power – Violin

Claire Woody – Percussion / Piano

Collin Featherston – Guitar / Banjo / Mandolin

David Sewell – Guitar

Dianna Shook – Piano

Dima Estanbuli – Violin

Jason Markel – Cello / Voice

Jeff Gordon – Trumpet / Jazz Ensemble

June Trieb – Flute / Piano

Kevin Rutschman – Drums

Kyle Shook – Piano

Laurie Thornton – Clarinet

Mike Dawson – Trombone

Nathan Borton – Guitar

Seth Messner – Flute / Piano

Terecia Miller – Voice

Thornton Bonner – Guitar/Mandolin/Ukulele

Tyler Gauldin – Woodwinds

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Every student who takes Music Lessons at Music Scene is invited to participate in our Student Showcases every month. Showcases give our students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, which is an essential part of a well-rounded music education. Also, they're fun! Kids and adults alike enjoy performing in Student Showcases, as it allows them to show their families and friends what they have learned. If you're a Music Scene student, and you would like to participate in the next Showcase, let your music lesson teacher know right away!

Open Mic Nights:

Music Scene's Open Mic Nights are similar to Student Showcases, but with a major difference: They're open to the public! Anyone is welcome to step up and show their talent at Open Mic Nights. With a much more laid-back atmosphere than the more formal Showcases, folks find Open Mic Nights to be loads of fun, and a great chance to "work out the kinks" in their performances--and to defeat that dreadful obstacle: stage fright! Follow us on Facebook so you won't miss out when we announce the date of our next Open Mic Night. We'll see you there!